i went out to dinner with my dad tonight, who is in town from atlanta. i decided to take him to the fanciest vegan restaurant around (true bistro, somerville,ma) because i didn’t feel like trying to decode a menu and figure out what was cruelty-free and what wasn’t and then ending up with a boring meal.

i also decided that i wouldn’t tell him right off the bat that the menu was plant based. 

when SUDDENLY my dad just starts telling me all about how he has adopted an entirely plant-based diet as of a week ago in order to lower his chances of heart disease! i was like, hold the phone. my dad is a vegan.

his food is even more  ”restricted” (i would hardly call my food options restricted) than mine. he can’t have any oil, avocado, or nuts. which is nuts. i live off of avocados and nuts. and i cook my breads in oil. it was weird because i found myself going “…so what do you eat?”

so while he eats this way for health reasons, i schooled him on the compassion part of it and how food choices affect self, environment, humanity, etc. he was totally open to it. he also schooled me on the benefits of raw-eating.

this entire night has blown my mind.

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